poop bags for everyone

I first admitted to a little problem that I have here.
Sherman and I came home from our morning walk the other day to find a few doggy poop bags spread amongst the kitchen counter. Seventeen to be exact. Seventeen!

And then there was husband.
Looking at me.
Staring at me.
Disappointed in me.

“Quit stealing poop bags Tiff. Really. Stop.”
I’ll stop.

How in the world did Dan find my poop bag stash?
He is good.

P.S. I totally thought I was the Kansas Mega Millions lottery winner. I live in Kansas. I bought a Mega Millions ticket (or five). I thought it was a sure thing.
But instead of writing up my resignation letter, I am sitting here writing about poop bags.
Yay for me!


  1. I was totally hoping you would win, because I know you would have donated to me, a very worthy cause. Dangit.

    Confession: I died over your thievery. (not sure on the spelling on that one) Confession: My best friends husband dared me to steal salt and pepper shakers last month, and I did. And now I am theif like you, only I think mine is totally worse, I stole it from some horrific restaurant in San Diego.

    I know this is safe with you.. and all your readers. OH MAN.

  2. Ha ha ha! Seriously.... hilarious! Who knew that poop baggies were worth stealing?

  3. i'm constantly running out of plastic bags for doggy poop! maybe i need to start hoarding them too.... ;)

  4. I just wish somewhere in "Tiny Town" had poop bags to swipe!

  5. I steal those exact poop bags all the time! Bahahaha...great minds think alike :)

  6. Tiff I laughed out loud at my cube reading this post! You crack me up friend, love your writing style. :)

  7. Shaylynn told me to come here, and when she says someone is funny I run to find them. She has good taste in funny. Fiberoptic doves, anyone?

    This story. Oh my gosh. Thank you. You can store the bags at my house. Your husband will never know. And then I can send you awesome packages in the mail with your weekly poop bags and a card. Think about it? Everyone loves getting mail.

  8. Try our cute, refillable dispensers that attach securely to any leash and fit the leak proof bags specifically designed to safely dispose of your adorable pet's not so adorable


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