Happy Friday,
Happy Fall!

trash cake

We went from smash cake to trash cake.
We went from a sugar free cake to a sugar on sugar on sugar cake.
Oh how things can change in a few years. :)

When I asked Porter if he wanted cupcakes or cake for his fourth birthday he screamed "trash cake! trash cake! trash cake!" Well buddy, that wasn't really an option, but okay. Thank goodness I was already familiar with The Grossery Gang, so the idea to use those as cake toppers was an easy one. Then I just roamed the candy aisles for candy that resembled rocks or dirt or worms. #boymom
And the best thing about a trash cake ... the uglier the better!
My cake is tilting? Great! It's a trash cake!
The frosting is too thick? Perfect! It's a trash cake!
I accidentally ate 12 of the sour gummy worms? Awesome!
Wait. No.
One ugly trash cake for one adorable four year old birthday boy.
A trash cake just for you, Porter "Trashman" Jones.

porter turns four

Porter Gray, you turned F O U R this month! You tell everyone you meet that your name is Porter "Trashman" Jones, followed by giving them a compliment. Or five. "I like your shirt. Your necklace is pretty. I like your hair." And your favorite thing to do, aside from playing "trashman", is help people. All you want to do is help people with their trash. With their gardening. Help them take in their groceries or mail. Keep being the kind helper that you are ... we are so proud of you and love you so much. Happy Birthday buddy.


honey harvest

This is a great time to share some honey pictures and type out that we got another glorious 15 gallons of honey to share with family and friends. But really I'm just using this post as a good excuse to compare pictures of my cute, growing boy. The honey pretty much looks the same each and every year. And so does our kitchen. But no matter how many times I tell him not to, Porter just keeps growing and changing. Baby P back in 2016 and 2015. Oh my. Sweet as honey.


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