around our home // a winter season

We have been turning on Christmas music every morning while we eat breakfast and Porter says his favorite song is Jingle Bell Rock. He is getting pretty good at dancing along to the music, while baby Keller bobs up and down, trying to keep up with his big brother. Our front yard is now covered with a blanket of sparkling white snow and we can't help but put sprinkles on pretty much everything we bake. Porter's favorite thing to do right now is cut out Christmas cookie shapes from tortillas, "ice" them with butter, and throw some sprinkles on top. This was my lazy idea when I didn't feel like making real cookies. Ha! But he loved it and now asks to do it every single day. Our refrigerator is covered with red+green toddler artwork and our furniture is overflowing with pillows and blankets and anything that makes our home more cozy. Oh and the twinkle lights. Give me all the twinkle lights. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.