firsts and lasts

Life has recently slowed down a little and I'm kind of loving it. But this kiddo is showing no signs of slowing. He turned one and immediately let me know it was time to wean. Because nursing forces you to slow down and Keller Wine ain't got no time for that. Which was okay with me (ya hear that weaning hormones, it's OK!). It was time and we were both ready. Keller nursed for the last time on October 16 and then decided to take his first steps just a few weeks later on November 6. I forget my car keys every darn time I leave the house, but I don't think I'll ever forget these dates. And I can tell you the exact dates for Porter's last day nursing and first steps too. Slowing down and soaking in all the firsts and lasts, that's what I've been doing. Now if I could just remember where I left my coffee mug.