put me in coach

Oh goodness.
Have you ever watched a bunch of two-year-olds play soccer? This was last Saturday and I'm still laughing about it. I don't think there's anything cuter. Just in case you want to know what happens at a soccer practice for two-year-olds, it goes something like this ...

Sit in a circle and sing songs.
Water break. 
Stand up and hold hands and sing songs.
Water break.
Run around cones.
Water break.
Play a game where you run away from safari animals.
Water break.
Try to keep the two-year-olds focused.
So just take another water break.
Let's bring out the soccer balls now since there are eight minutes left in practice. 
Water break.
Tell a bunch of two-year-olds that they can't touch the ball with their hands.
WATER break.