porter goes to school

Can you believe that title up there? I mean, my baby. At school. Not really school, school. But a "parents day out" program. And not really full-time. He only goes one day a week. But still guys! I'm calling it school. And I'm calling it a big deal. A really big deal. Minus that little trip to Mexico when Porter was little and wouldn't sleep and this mama needed a few shots of tequila ... minus that trip ... I have been with this silly boy every single day for nearly three years now. Every day! And last Wednesday I dropped him off for his very first day of school. When we walked in to his classroom, Porter immediately ran off and started making pretend muffins with his friends. And I just stood there with baby Keller in my arms, watching him. Wondering how in the heck we are already at this point. I kid you not, I watched my little boy run off and make muffins but what I really saw was a grown up Porter walking across the stage at his high school graduation. And that's when I knew I had to get out of that classroom before I lost it. The teacher walked over to me and I said to her, "so I guess I just leave now?" And she said, "Yup." And so I left. And cried the whole way home. But then! I got to clean the floors and unload the dishwasher without hearing "mom, can I have another snack ..... mom, more water please ..... mooooooooom, I pooped."
So yeah, it was a good day.