hey labor day

This pretty much sums up our little Labor Day weekend. Minus a fun play date at Cousin Jack's house and a trip out to the country to see family and a looooong drive out to try to see sunflowers ... with two little kids ... during nap time. Come to find out, Dan was one of about 40,000 people who wanted to see the sunflowers too. I didn't really want to. I just want you to know that. This was not my idea. I repeat. This was not my idea. Long story short, we drove about 90 minutes just to get Wendy's cheeseburgers from the drive thru. On our way home, we saw a few sunflowers growing in a field near the side of the highway. Dan immediately said, "Look Porter, look over there! There are the sunflowers!" Porter's eyes lit up while he said, "Wow daddy, look! Mommy, look! Sunflowers!" We saw nine sunflowers instead of 40 acres of sunflowers and Porter was just as thrilled. I mean, he got to eat french fries in the car. HOLLA.