essential oils // tiff's tips

Ingesting essential oils is a hot topic right now and I have received numerous questions regarding this. I know some people who never ingest; others who ingest every single day. Good news! We are all still alive and doing well. Yay! My very humble opinion is that essential oils should be ingested sparingly. Just like when we take any medication. Or when we eat double stuf oreo cookies. Everything in moderation, right? Also, why is it spelled "stuf"? Can anyone tell me? I thought it was stuffed. Or stuff at the very least. But stuf? Really? Ooooh back to oils. 

When there is an issue in our family that we would like to resolve by using essential oils, we typically try diffusing and/or applying topically (to skin) first. If this doesn't do the trick, then I will do some research on oils that are safe to ingest. Not all essential oils are intended for consumption, but Peppermint has been known to ease indigestion and nausea, and both Lemon and Grapefruit oils have been studied and listed as appetite suppressants. I personally like to ingest Thieves + Lemon + Oregano at the first sign of illness for an immunity boost. And if the oil is a "hot" oil (examples of "hot" oils and blends include Cinnamon, Clove, Lemongrass, Oregano, Thyme, Exodus II, and Thieves) or you simply do not like the taste of an oil, these handy dandy vegetable capsules will save your day. I just put several drops of essential oil in a capsule and down it goes to work its magic.

And because it's almost the weekend ... let me just share this other little tip with you. Try a drop of Citrus Fresh in your gin and tonic, a drop of Lemon in your wheat beer, or a drop of Lime in your Corona. You are welcome.

P.S. This month when you buy a premium starter kit, you get a free thieves laundry detergent! It washes about 60 loads and cleans amazingly well without all those toxins. Something to think about while you're drinking that gin and tonic. ;) 

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