porter says

Yesterday morning, when baby Keller was taking his morning nap, Porter and I carried out all the house plants to give them a little drink outside, under the hot summer sun. While watering, I was asking Porter questions about his birthday, which is coming up here in just a couple of months. He will be three years old. And that makes me want to cry a little. And hug him a lot. 

So the birthday! Three! I was asking Porter questions about his party, like what he wants to eat (he said cupcakes with icing or chocolate donuts, duh) and when we were finished with our birthday conversation he said, "mom, I just stay two for two more minutes?" Yes baby boy, you do that. You just stay two for as long as you want. 

Here are a few more cute things Porter Gray is saying these days ... 

"Night night Kell, I'll see you next time." 

When Keller was crawling around and Porter was pretending to be a trash man he said, "It's not crawling day Kell, it's trash day!"

Me: "Is Porter a big boy or a little boy?" P: "Big!"
Me: "Is Mommy a big boy or a little boy?" P: "Big!"
Me: "That's a trick question, mommy is a girl." P: "But I want mommy to be like me."
Me: "Well, I am because we're both humans." P: "Hmm, no mom, I don't think you're a hoo-man."

Everything is "super" ... "super big" "super small" "super fun"

Every dog is "Wucy" (Lucy) ... big, small, brown, white. The owner could even say, "my dog's name is ____." Doesn't matter. Still "Wucy."

After napping for over three hours, "I barely closed my eyes mom." 

After sneezing 17 times ...
P: "Mom, I'm sick." Then three minutes later asks if he can play with cousin Jack
Me: "But I thought you were sick? You can't play with Jack if you're sick."
*long pause*
P: "I just have allergies mom." 

Just before bed we always turn out the lights and sing a couple of songs ... 
P: "Sing the pink one mom."
Me: "Hmm, I don't think I know a pink song P." 
P: "Just try it out."

"Take care of me mom."