curtain forts and cheerios

Last week, on yet another "heat advisory" day, when it was too hot to be outside and definitely too hot to wear anything but diapers inside, Porter had the great idea to throw the curtains up on the bed and secure them with pillows to make a fort in mom and dad's room. His other great idea was to get a big bowl full of Cheerios to eat under said fort. That idea was great in theory. And it made for some cute pictures of Cheerios getting stuck to Keller's arm and Porter's butt. But I'm pretty sure I'll be cleaning up crushed oats from now until Christmas. Just found three under the bed today as I was reaching for Sherman's tennis ball. Three cheerios and {what resembled} a small dog made from Sherman's summer shedding. These are the things I'm going to miss one day, right? That's what you crazy people keep trying to tell me? I'm going to miss crushed cheerios and dog hair. Okay. I'll believe you. And I'll try my very best to enjoy every messy moment.