porter says

Nicknames at 2 (almost 3!): 
Jibber Jabber, Mooch and Taz

"I want bush!" (I want both)

In the morning he says, "iiiiiit's cowboy time!" Then he finds Sherman and pets his head while saying, "wake up, horsey, wake up!"

After Dan calls him a turtle, "I'm not a turtle, dad, I'm just Porter."

"I miss daddy."

"Look, see? Look, see?" All day long.

Porter: "See that noise?" Me: "You mean hear that noise?" Porter: "Nope, see that noise, mom!"

"Daddy blew up tire." (flat tire)

"I'm a boy. And daddy's a boy. And Sherm's a boy. And Keller's a boy. And mom's a boy." 

"Whoooopsie!" and "Oopsy daisy!"

"Me make big mess."

"I do that, I do that, I do it on my OWN." 

After picking up sticks in the yard he says to Dan, "Dad, get me paid, get me paid!" and runs to his room to get his piggy bank.

"Pop goes the weasel." (if he pops something or throws something or knocks over something)

As he runs to get his race car lunch box he says, "I'm getting on school bus. Bye bye mom."

Me: "Porter, did you poop?" Porter: "I didn't poop. I didn't pee. I didn't toot."

"I get bigger and bigger and bigger and then I touch the tree!" (as he points to the highest tree in our backyard)

After we saw a broken tree branch on our family walk, Porter says, "Wait. This can't be right."