essential oils // diy body wash (+ more)

DIY Body Wash

(for body, face, hair, babies, kids, adults, dogs, SO GOOD)

10 oz foaming soap dispenser
Fill with water (leave 2-inch room at top)
Add 3 tablespoons liquid castile soap
Add 6 drops of essential oil
Give a little shake

*our favorite soap to use for this diy is Dr. Bronners Unscented Baby Mild
*distilled water is recommended if you go several weeks before needing to refill your soap.

Having deja vu? I know. I just posted this same DIY a few days ago. Oh but no I didn't. That was for an amazing diy hand soap. This is body wash. Or face+body+hair wash. The two recipes are very similar and I love that because it just makes life easier. The only difference is that I like to use an extra tablespoon of castile soap for this recipe, because I feel like bodies just need some extra suds. Or maybe that's just my hairy husband (kiiiding Dan). So if I'm using an extra tablespoon of soap, this body wash does cost a little more to make than the hand soap (*gasp*) but when we're talking about $0.56 per 10 oz bottle, does it even really matter if we go up a few cents? Sometimes I just let Porter dump out an entire bottle of body wash while playing in the tub just for fun, because it's that cheap. Kidding again. I would never throw $0.56+ down the drain. But if it happened to spill, I definitely wouldn't cry about it.

Just like the hand soap recipe, this body wash is very customizable. You can use less soap or more soap and experiment with different essential oils too. Maybe you just want to make a face wash with Tea Tree oil to help with acne? You can do it. Maybe you just want a body wash with Lemon oil because you want to smell like a giant Lemon? Great! You can do that too. Porter, Keller and I all take our baths/showers in the evenings, just before bed. So I wanted something calming and relaxing for the boys and this very tired mama. Lavender+Cedarwood are my go-to oils for sleep and relaxation. I diffuse this combo every night in the boys' rooms before bed. So adding a few drops of each to their body wash seemed smart. And oh it was. It smells incredible, plus I can wash them HEAD TO TOE with this face+body+hair wash and not worry one bit about synthetic preservatives hurting their sensitive baby skin. Even better, Dan and I use it too. Lavender is great for moisturizing dry skin and both Lavender and Cedarwood have been proven to help with dandruff and stimulate hair growth. However, I will say that it works much better on short hair when it comes to shampooing. Although I love this as a body wash for me, I have continued to use Honest Company shampoo+conditioner for my long hair. But the boys have no problem using this as a shampoo. I am seriously thinking about going back to the pixie just so I can use this on my hair. Hmmmm. Yes? No? Maybe so?

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