Baby Keller is (thank goodness) a pretty good sleeper. He goes to bed right around 6:30 and sleeps about 12 hours. Most of the time it's 12 hours straight. But sometimes he'll wake up at 5am to nurse, before heading back to dreamland. And then we have those times when sweet baby K will wake up at 5am and decide he'd rather say good morning to Sherman and eat Cheerios than go back to sleep. Mama friends keep telling me I'm going to miss these early morning nursing sessions. These special little moments with my special little guy. And I usually just roll my eyes and snort and say "yeeeeaaah riiiiight."
Then I happen to find a few dark and grainy pictures of us at 5am and I'm all, "noooooo, never grow up, never stop nursing, please keep waking up at 5am!"
Then my coffee wears off and I start snorting again. 

Love you forever, Keller Wine.