number 578

I think I'm done with blog post titles. Really. This is blog post 578 and that means I've had to come up with 578 blog post titles. I told you back here that I thought I'd just start typing "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ..." but now I think I'll just tell you what number I'm on. You know, to keep things really exciting around here. So I wanted to be sure to get a few pictures of these two brothers in their cloth diapers before Porter gets potty trained. Because he's so close. Ooooh but not really. Every time I ask him if he wants to pee in the potty he says "no thanks, mom" and runs away in his saggy, wet diaper. So no, the potty training isn't happening today. Or tomorrow. So for now I'll just keep taking pictures of cute diaper bubble butts.

Except not too many more ... 
Because one particular toddler always starts pouting after the 11th picture.
Every. Single. Time.

Keller, on the other hand, can't get enough.