like my laundry

Alright, I've got 12 minutes and 30 seconds before one kid is bound to wake up and want a snack. So here's my very best attempt at a blog post. The pictures don't go together and some are from several months ago, while others are from yesterday. But hey! I can still use the "I have a newborn" card right? What's that? My baby is nearly nine months old? Oh right. Because I gave birth yesterday. So that totally makes sense. Oh silly time. Anywho, here's some mismatched pictures in an effort to say hi! hello!. And speaking of mismatched. We currently have about eight pairs of mismatched socks in our home. Green with blue and baby with toddler and Dan's with mine. And while we're talking about laundry, I now just throw EVERYTHING together and make one big load. Towels, sheets, shirts, shorts, mega blocks. Whatever is in the basket, goes in the wash. And there's only been one itsy bitsy teeny weeny little incident where I turned all of our whites ... blue. I'm calling that a success.