two more hours of fun

Porter Gray recently decided that he is too big to take naps during the day. He will be two and a half years old here in just a couple of weeks and I thought for sure I'd get a nap out of him until he was at least three. Who knows, maybe it'll come back. But for now I really can't complain. He sleeps 12 hours at night and does great pretty good the other 12 hours that he is awake. Now it's just a matter of trying to find more things to keep him busy during those extra two hours that I now get to spend with him. Sometimes it's as simple as coloring or reading or throwing toys down the laundry chute (usually Keller's toys). Or sometimes I let him get extra dirty outside and then let him sit in the kitchen sink and wash his own muddy feet off. Or sometimes I let him rub my feet and pour me glasses of wine. Kiiiding. But really. How do you get your kids to start thinking that rubbing your feet is fun?