our little spring break

We were absolutely spoiled this last weekend, having Dan home for four days in a row. We took the boys to the Sealife Aquarium here in Kansas City. Porter had so much fun looking at all the fish and even got to touch a live starfish. He loved this place so much, at one point he got so excited, he ran as fast as he could up to one of the glass displays, which just so happened to stick out about five inches more than he anticipated and BONK. Slammed his head right into the glass. Once everyone knew he was okay, the onlookers couldn't help but laugh. And his mama was one of them. Keller just yawned through the whole thing. Then we got hamburgers and french fries at the Crayola Cafe. All better.
We ended the weekend (and started the first day of Spring) with a trip to our local nursery to pick up another plant for our home. Because once you start buying plants, you just can't stop. Kind of like baskets. And chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. And jelly beans.