my life in cloth

As if cloth diapering two little boys wasn't crazy enough, I thought it'd be super fun to use cloth napkins and cloth wipes instead of paper towels. Dan's worried I'm going to take away the toilet paper next. Stay tuned. ;) So now we have a dresser drawer in our bedroom packed full with cloth diapers and wipes, a wire basket in the dining room spilling over with cloth napkins, and several different canisters in the kitchen filled with different wipes used for cleaning everything from little faces and hands to muddy paw prints off the floor. It has been several months since we started using cloth everything and I am absolutely loving not having to buy paper products at the store and getting to reuse everything over and over again (the best feeling!). And I'm even getting used to doing laundry every day. Plus I have the cutest little helper who keeps me company while I fold. And sort. and fold. And sort. And fold. And ... why am I doing this again?? ;)