hurry up weekend

Things are just better when daddy gets home. Even if it's 5:20pm and your kids are still in their pajamas and you haven't washed your hair in three days and you smell worse than the dog. None of that matters. Because there is finally another ADULT in the house. Hip hip hooray! And not just any adult, but a daddy. A daddy who can bounce Keller on his knee and help Porter put together his train track. And fill up Sherman's water bowl for the ninth time that day (the dog is a horse). And a daddy who is willing to cook dinner and give Porter a bath and help me fold laundry. And pour me a big glass of wine if I look like I need it (I always look like I need it). We are pretty darn lucky to have "a Dan" as a daddy. And we're feeling extra lucky because he's taking the next couple of days off just to spend some extra time with us. So today is our Friday and we are more than ready for the weekend. Hurry up five o'clock!