and then it snowed

I had both Keller and Porter with me when I snapped these pictures the other day. Porter wasn't fully awake from his nap yet (grumpy gus) and I realized after I walked the stroller out of the garage that I had failed to put socks on poor baby Keller's chubby little feet. And it was 4pm and the sun was nowhere to be found and it was getting chilly. So we spent a whopping six minutes searching for pretty trees and luckily only had to walk about 50 feet away from our front door to get these pictures. Once Porter woke up a little, he loved helping me search for signs of spring and would yell out the color of each flowering tree that he saw. "Puuuple! Ink! Ellow!" And then he said "polka dot wolf" and I knew I had lost him. We went home and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and warmed up Keller's toes under a blanket. And then two days later it snowed. Silly spring.