a sweet moment

I had to be super sneaky taking these pictures because if Porter sees my camera, he immediately stops whatever cute thing he is currently doing and does something un-cute. Ha! Okay, so he's always cute. But you know what I mean. I was in the kitchen the other day when I heard Porter say "here you go, Kell, eat milk." I quietly grabbed my camera and peaked around the corner to see Porter laying down by "Kell", trying to get him to drink out of his farm animal mug. Keller was smiling back at him SO big. A smile that said ... Really?! You're actually paying attention to me!? And you're letting me drink pretend milk from your farm animal mug?! Oh my! You guys, it was a really big moment for sweet baby Keller. And for me as a mama.
And then big brother Porter bent down and gave baby brother Keller
a kiss on the top of his fuzzy little head. 

I squealed. 
Porter heard me.
And that was the end of that sweet moment.

But seriously. 
Let's have 876,382 more of those.
Please and thank you.