while big brother sleeps

I have been lucky enough to get both boys down for a nap at the exact same time maaaaybe twice in the last four months. I kid you not, Keller will be sleeping peacefully in his crib and the second I put Porter down, I glance at the monitor and sure enough, Keller is stirring away. Every. Single. Time. So we always make the best of it. We turn the heater down or completely off to ensure that it doesn't come on and wake big brother up (old houses! argh!) and put our stocking caps on and usually get cozy in mommy and daddy's bed and nurse and snuggle and chat. And after I'm tired of talking to myself with no response from Keller, other than the sweetest dimpled smiles and baby coos, I usually grab my phone and we start taking selfies. I don't know, as much as I always think I'd love for the boys to nap at the same time, getting one-on-one time with each kid is even better. But dang I could really use a hot shower one of these days.