porter says

We have officially entered the adorable two year old stage where they *try to* repeat everything they hear. Porter grew up and started talking overnight. I mean, our baby is now saying complete sentences! Short. But still complete. And hearing him try to repeat the words we say is just making my heart swell. Yesterday he saw a pine sol commercial and ran around the house for a good 20 minutes saying "pie saw" and giggling to himself while doing so. Here are just a few of my new favorites: 
  • "Sit down mama, sit down!" He will say this 80 times until I actually sit down next to him. Persistent little guy.
  • "Cook daddy, cook!" if he's hungry.
  • He says "biiiiig hug" and "biiiig kiss" then after you give him a big hug, he says "two big hugs!" and you can't help but give him another one. A bigger one.
  • Says "excuse me" after sneezing. 
  • Says "please" and "thank you" 
  • Favorite new words: avocado, nacho, hot dog, toast, lucky charms, carrot, blanket and he's pretty good at saying Massachusetts, thanks to daddy. I need to post a video of this. 
  • He recently started saying "there you go" after he gives you something or successfully completes a task.
  • He says "mama, let's go downstairs" and "no sherman" and "put keller down" ... did I mention he's kind of bossy? 
Love you, sweet P!