keeping them alive

Well, our pretty little hanging herbs aren't looking so pretty anymore. Actually, I'm pretty sure they're all dead. That didn't take long. We are bad, bad plant parents. Or herb parents. Or whatever. So I'm trying my very best to keep our little succulents happy and healthy. Today the sun poured through our dining room window, so I gathered up all my green friends and placed them under the warm sunlight. Then Keller woke up. So I plopped him in his bumbo and placed him under the warm sunlight too. Because nursing babes need that extra Vita D. Then big brother Porter woke up. And he wanted to join in on the fun. Which meant he stood still for 0.8 seconds under the warm sunlight. Then decided it would be more fun to push his baby brother around in the bumbo. So I guess this post is just to say ... wish me luck on keeping all my babies alive.