you've got a little something riiiiiight there

It's Christmas Eve Eve ... so of course we had to start our morning off with chocolate chip muffins. I'll take any excuse to eat chocolate before noon. Who knows what we'll have tomorrow for Christmas Eve breakfast. Maybe candy canes? And we'll have to have something even more special on Christmas Day. Maybe just spoonfuls of sugar? Porter discovered the first chocolate chip and screamed like a little girl he was so excited. And then he proceeded to scream every time he found a chocolate chip. But I'm no dummy. I wanted him to take a good nap today. So I only put a few chips in there. And those few chips went fast and he was pretty upset when they were gone. But! Then I showed him his chocolate covered face on my phone and there were smiles and giggles and requests for more pictures. Apparently all you have to do to make your kids happy is show them how ridiculous they look. I think I can handle that. :)