things I've noticed

Happy three months sweet Keller boy!

Just a few things I've noticed about you as of late: 
  • You don't like too much stimulation. You prefer staring out the window over bright lights and noises and toys. You will tolerate your play mat, but the second we turn on the flashing lights and music, you start to cry. You seem to prefer quiet and dark over loud and bright. Me too, bud. Me too.
  • You LOVE your sleep. Holy cow. Currently you are going to bed around 9:30pm and waking up once to nurse, around 5 or 6am. Then you go right back to bed until 8:30ish. 
  • You LOVE your sleep. Did I already say that? You only want to stay up about an hour at a time during the day. After one hour, I've noticed that you start getting fussy and want to go back to your dark, quiet room for a nap. You don't always go down for naps when I want you to, but you sure know when you need a little quiet time.
  • You are so observant. Always looking around for the slightest noise that you hear. Trying to figure it all out. 
  • If you're not sleeping, you want to be held. PERIOD. And you let us know it. Those swings and play mats and rock-n-plays can just be thrown out the window for all you care. You know it is much more fun to walk around in mommy or daddy's arms. 
  • You are a mama's boy all day, every day, but especially between the hours of 5-9pm. You are still cluster feeding about four hours in the evening. This is exhausting for your mama, but I'm pretty sure that's why you sleep so great at night. So keep it up, little buddy! No matter how many times I roll my eyes at you when you want to nurse for the twelfth time that hour.
  • You really don't care if your mama gets to play with Porter, or walk with Sherman, or shower or pee. It is truly ALL about you. I think it's safe to say you have this baby thing all figured out. :)