turkey tragedy

So the backstory. It's short. But not sweet. Basically imagine a two year old. A very dramatic, "I think my life is over whenever something very bad or semi-bad or not very bad at all happens" two year old. Exhibit A and Exhibit B. And imagine that this two year old made a beautiful turkey with shiny finger paint and vibrant colored feathers. This two year old loved his turkey very much and was carrying it around graciously when all of a sudden his 120 pound horse-of-a-dog came up and snatched a purple feather right off the turkey's back.
Talk about opening the floodgates. 
I tried my best to console him.
But at one point he couldn't breathe.
So I just gave up and started taking pictures. 
Mother of the year!
Don't worry.
The brothers made up within 62 seconds.
Until the next fight broke out over a rogue cheerio found under the couch.
Oh the drama in this house on a daily basis.
Did I tell you?
I'm having wine for dinner.