smiles that make me smile

It's been one of those days where I miss him. One of those days where his little brother Keller wants to nurse constantly and be held every second of every minute of every hour in the day. Which would be totally fine. But then I remember that I have a toddler too. And I have to tell Porter "no, no, no" a hundred times and "not right now" a thousand more. It's not fair. But didn't your mom ever tell you? Life's not fair. Gosh darnit. But I promise you, P ... it'll all be worth it. You'll love your little brother some day. You'll have fun with him and look up to him and want to be around him. And the two of you will be closer than you and I ever were. At least that is my hope. My dream as a mama to two little boys. But for now ... just keep smiling. And swimming. And swinging. :) And know that you are kicking butt at this big brother gig. We are so very proud of you.