our halloween

So last year for Halloween, we plopped our one year old down in the backyard with our dog and took a few photos and called it a night. This year's Halloween wasn't much different. However, this Halloween our one year old was a two year old and we had an itty bitty baby in a pumpkin hat too. But we did actually make it further than our backyard this year. Things are gettin' crazy! We headed to Grandpa and Grandma's house to say hi and get a couple of packets of skittles and a kit kat bar. Porter was bribed with candy to put on his tiger costume in order to get candy. He said "tee tee" (trick-or-treat) a couple of times for the camera and that was that. The costume came off less than two minutes later and we were on our way home.
Just in time to watch Game 4 of the World Series,
starring our beloved Kansas City Royals.
And help Sherman pass out candy to the littlest ghosts and goblins.