keller doin' what keller does best

Keller sleeps on his back, tightly swaddled, in his bassinet by our bed, at night. But during the day I kind of let him do whatever he wants. Sometimes he naps on his tummy on our bed, sometimes in his crib. Other times he sleeps in his rock-n-play while Porter and I play close by, or in his car seat if we're out and about, or on my chest if we're just being lazy. Sometimes I swaddle him for naps, and other times I let his arms and hands flail around like a crazy man. And he sleeps right through it. I've heard about babies who are flexible like this. Who can sleep anywhere and through anything. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have one of those babies. Because Porter was textbook "colic" (whatever that means) he was a pretty awful sleeper. For about the first six months of his life he preferred crying over sleeping. OUCH. So this. This good sleeping biz is making me smile big time. I'm not saying we haven't had our bad nights, because we have. And I'm definitely not saying there won't be hard days to come, because there will be. Hello growth spurts and teething and yada yada yada. But today I'm counting my blessings. For a happy, healthy, sleepy little babe.