Out of all the hours they've spent together so far, we've only had one little "incident." Well, two incidents if you're counting that one time that Porter threw a book at Keller's head. But it was an accident. At least I'm calling it an accident. And it was more like a "toss." Plus the book had a raised, soft, cushiony pumpkin on the cover ... so it was basically like "tossing" a pillow at his head. Is it weird that I'm acting like it's okay for Porter to throw a pillow at Keller's head? Life with two boys. I'm picking my battles. ;) So back to the little incident. Several nights ago, we had just wrapped up dinner and I was back in the kitchen doing dishes and Dan was finishing up clearing the table. Keller was on the floor, laying on a blanket doing tummy time and big brother Porter had just gotten down from his high chair. Their lovely parents were both looking away for just one second ... when Porter decided he wanted the blanket that his baby brother was currently laying on. 

One of Porter's favorite words right now is "o-ee-o-ee-o." Which usually just means olive.
But in this case it meant ROLL.
And boy did Keller roll.

So now whenever he's on the floor doing tummy time we yell out "baby on the floor!" to ensure that someone is always watching. 

Sorry, sweet baby K. 
I promise we'll keep a closer eye on you from now on.
Or maybe just buy you a helmet.