waiting for baby keller

Keller's real room is actually Porter's old room. But he'll be rooming with me and Dan (and Sherman) for a good while after he gets home from the NICU. Gotta keep a close eye on the little bugger. Dan still needs to set up the bassinet (he assures me it will only take him a few minutes, although I've been begging him to set it up for over three months), but for now we have an old family moses basket for Keller to hang out in during the day. We are so ready for our baby to be home! We have entered day 16 in the NICU, which is 16 days too long for this mama. But the good news! Keller has been nursing great and gaining weight consistently. We haven't had to use his NG tube for a feeding in over 24 hours. Which means ... we hope to be going home in the next several days! Thank you so much for your continued thoughts and prayers and your very sweet emails. My goal is to respond to each and every one of you who took the time to write. I just need to find more chocolate chip cookies first. But honestly, your emails and kind words have meant so much. Thank you, thank you.