two under two

I'm not sure if they were both screaming in that last picture. Or crying. Or maybe just yawning. I can't remember. I'm too tired. But I do remember that we made it out of the house this morning for the first time with BOTH boys. Two carseats. Two sizes of diapers in the diaper bag. And two kiddos under the age of two. And we were only three minutes late! I call that success. We had Porter's two year appointment today (I promise P, I'll never make you get a shot on your birthday again) and Keller tagged along for a follow-up weight check. Porter is in the 80th percentile for weight and 75th for height. Keller isn't quite there yet, coming in at a whopping 6 lbs 6 oz. But the good news is that he has been gaining weight since being home from the NICU. So his doctor is letting me keep him. Yippee! I am still in complete shock when I look at these pictures and see two little boys that have completely stolen my heart. Two under two. For just a few more hours at least. Mommy loves you both so very much. Now excuse me while I use nap time to look through old photos of our BIG birthday boy and cry the ugly cry. Time can be so cruel.