We've come a long way from only being able to say mama and dada and vroom vroom.
We've come a long way from not being able to talk at all.
Here are some cute things our {almost} two year old says at the moment ... 

Tash means trash.
Cu-cake means cupcake (the letter "p" is apparently not important).
High means hydrant (his second favorite thing to look for on our daily walks, trash is first).
Lag means flag.
Die means bye. So he walks up to people, waves and smiles real big, and says "die, die, die." We are currently working with him on that one.
Ice means ice cream. Or sometimes it truly means ice. But usually it's that he wants ice cream.
Scoo means screw, tools, etc.
O-ee-o-ee-o means olive. Or oil. Or roll.
Paw paw means Paw Patrol (the tv show).
Paw paw also means Grandpa.
Paw paw also means any puppy or dog or bunny rabbit.
Pold means cold.
Wait. Then why can't the boy say the "p" in cupcake? 
Nelk means milk.
Fi means french fries.
Cu-Cu means knife or cut.
Toe-toe means toilet. Or pee. Or poo.
Gas means grass. No r included. 
Geeeeeen means green. No r included.
Boo means blue. Cover your face. He spits when he says Boo.
And oh my gosh you should hear this kid say purple. You'll melt.
Hung means hungry.
And we still always, always say "yeah yeah" instead of just yeah or yes. Sometimes it's 51 yeah yeah's in a row, but never ever less than two.

He can also pretty successfully say hay (he loves farm books), seeds (loves sunflower seeds), two (favorite number), please, cookie, dark, ham, hamburger, hammer and he just started saying Sherman and Keller, which is more like "see" and "keh", but we're getting there.

Oh Porter Gray, you are just as sweet as they come.