I chose to eat

The NICU nurses here are amazing. And smart. And sweet. And hilarious. After spending 12+ days and nights with someone, you get to know them pretty well. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure they've seen my boobs more than Dan has. Sorry. Inappropriate talk for the blog. But once you start breastfeeding, you loose all sense of modesty. It's true. So back to the NICU nurses. They tell the best stories. Becky is one of our favorites here. Yesterday she told me a story about a good friend of hers who recently had a baby. A week after this friend was discharged, her husband found her curled up on the kitchen floor, sobbing hysterically. Her husband knelt down by her and asked her what was wrong. She was crying so hard that she couldn't make out the words, so he asked, "oh no, is it the baby? Did something happen to Oliver? Is it you? Are you in pain?"

The new mom looked up at her husband, while wiping the salty tears from her face, and said, "I chose to eat instead of take a shower. And now I wish I would have just napped instead." 

The struggle is real.