deja vu

So the last time I took pictures of an itty bitty baby on our bed was over two years ago. And then I stopped blogging for six months. Ouch. So let's all pause and say a little prayer that doesn't happen again. But oh boy could it happen. Every day gets a little more complicated and I seem to fall a little further behind on all things blog related. Or all things "non-kid related" really. If it doesn't have a "Porter" or "Keller" or "Sherman" stamp on it, then I've more than likely already forgotten about it. So if nothing else, I'm going to try to just keep posting a few pictures here and there. Even if the pictures are a couple of weeks old or even if I'm too sleepy to write more than a couple of words. It's better than nothin'. My new life motto. That and "just keep swimming." :) 

P.S. Do you think they look alike??
I sure do.
But maybe that's just a mom thing.