you can thank your little brother or sister

So one of my fears right now at 33 weeks pregnant is not getting to have a birthday party for Porter before the new baby arrives. Forget the pain of childbirth. Forget any risks associated with VBACs. None of that matters. It's silly. I know. But I just want Porter to have a freaking cupcake and blow out his TWO candles and open a couple of gifts. I don't want his birthday to be forgotten or his party to be postponed. The plan is to have one of the simplest birthday parties known to mankind. Sorry P, no ponies to ride on this year. Maybe we can saddle up Sherman for a bit. ;) But simple or not, this mama bear really wants her cub to have some sort of celebration. However, I know life happens. Literally. And this new little life growing inside me has a plan that I haven't been let in on just yet. A plan to come when they want to come, whether it messes with big brother's birthday plans or not. So until then, I'm making sure Porter gets at least one cupcake a week. Juuuust to make up for even the slightest possibility that he might not get one on his actual birthday. For now, there are no complaints from Porter Gray, the boy who screams "cupcake" the moment he wakes up every morning (not kidding). But rather, many many thanks to his unborn sibling.