honey hoarders (honey harvest 2015)

I remember Dan's very first honey extraction, back in 2011. I think he filled maybe a few dozen honey bears and we were all so excited. Then in 2012 I remember counting 100+ honey bears and several large jars of honey and I couldn't quite believe my eyes. Or my counting. Which was probably wrong, because I'm not a very good counter. Then there was last year's harvest. Honey Harvest 2014, when Dan brought home 25 gallons of honey. HOLY MOLY. I didn't think he'd ever get to 25 gallons. Just a few weeks ago he finished up Honey Harvest 2015. Thirty five (35!) gallons of honey. I have no idea how many honey bears 35 gallons of honey fills, but it's a lot. Which means I really need to talk Dan into selling this stuff, because even if we just continue to give it away, does anyone really need 35 gallons of honey? Dan just keeps reminding me that there's honey in pyramids from thousands of years ago and that honey lasts forever. So I guess that means we're keeping it.

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