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Other than still wanting to buy a few throw pillows for Porter's window bench, I think this room is officially done. And boy does that feel good. I am so glad we decided to turn this room into Porter's big boy room. Complete with a crib and teddy bears and a dresser drawer packed full of cloth diapers. But even so. I'm still calling it a big boy room. :) It has truly been the perfect little room for Porter so far. Not only is the kid sleeping great at night, but he's actually PLAYING BY HIMSELF for more than 30 seconds during the day. His room is right off the kitchen so I can get his breakfast and lunch ready while he sets up his train track and looks through his favorite books. He can still see and hear me while playing and that helps tremendously. At first I was terrified of this room being right off the kitchen, but it has actually been a blessing in disguise. Although I really don't think we'd wake up our sleeping beauty even if we tried, I am still extra cautious not to make too much noise once he's in the crib. So, this means I wake up when Porter wakes up. It's just awful sleeping until 8am, I tell ya. Just awful. And it also means that I don't clean up the kitchen while Porter naps during the day. But instead I am forced to sit on the couch and try to be extra quiet while watching tv or reading a good book. I mean, the HORROR. For a girl who typically likes to go, go, go ... I think this has been a key reason for feeling as good as I do at 32 weeks pregnant. I am getting more rest than I have in probably my entire life. And I have this little bedroom to thank for that. So thank you little bedroom ...
And now for a few of my favorite things ... 
First up, this adorable little tool hat hook. We were looking at buying some hooks identical to this but they were crazy expensive. Porter's tool bench caught my eye and I asked Dan if maybe we could "borrow" a couple of P's screws and make our own hooks. This was my only creative idea for this room. Or maybe my only creative idea ever in life. Dan took over and painted three of Porter's screws to match his room colors and mounted them to a natural piece of wood. So cute!
Next up, this cute and functional mirror with shelf from Ikea. Which I think is perfect for a kid's room. Dan saw it online and said "hey Tiff, you could put all your oils up there on the shelf." I mean, a guy who is willing to look at mirrors while considering his wife's love for essential oils?! Keeper. This mirror works great to hold little items on the bottom shelf and the top shelf is a perfect place to set a baby monitor.
Third up ... Porter's window bench. Another point for Dan. We picked up this shelving unit from Ikea and made it into a window seat. We had the cushion custom made from Etsy. It works great for storage but also as a big boy changing table. Porter just lays up there for diaper changes and this is something that we can continue to use even after he's potty trained. My genius idea was to buy a second changing table, which probably would have been used a handful of times before being donated. So yes, Dan's idea won.
And finally, pocket doors. Pocket doors work great for a small house like ours, complete with an awkward room like this one. Although now officially a bedroom, this room is still a high traffic area that gets used as a hallway to get from the kitchen to the other rooms. It is so nice to be able to hide the doors inside the walls during the day while Porter and Sherman run circles around the house, and then close it off at night, turning it into a dark and quiet bedroom for our sleepy toddler. Dan found the pocket doors for $10 a piece and they look pretty much identical to the other old doors in our home. He just had to extend the length of the doors by adding some extra wood and then mud and sand and paint. Oh and then somehow make them slide into the walls with the help of a pocket door kit. No biggie. I totally understand how to do all of that.
Thanks for being so flexible, P. 
What a big boy you are in your new big boy room.

The room looked like this in 2007.
And the room looked like this in 2012.
And it looked like this just a few months ago.
And it looked like this just before we moved Porter in.