plain jane

I'm pretty sure Dan still thinks I'm nuts for painting our bedroom white. And putting up white curtains. And keeping our white bedding. Sure, we have a messy toddler who likes to sneak cicada exoskeletons in the house and prefers not to wash his hands more than once a day. And yes, we do still have that big, hairy brown dog (his name is Sherman) who prefers to lounge and sleep in our room over any other room in our house. Ooooh the dog hair you will find. Our white might not be very white for long, but I sure do love Porter's sweet face in these pictures. I really don't care if my walls stand out, and the color of our bedding is completely irrelevant. I'm not gonna give a hoot about what my house looked like in 30 years. I want my kids to stand out. I want their little faces to be the photo. Not the walls or the decorations. They are the stars. So give me all the white. And all the cute kids too. :)