let's go to the zoo

Dan had the day off yesterday and at 8:10am I woke up to "Tiff, let's go! Let's go to the zoo! It opened 10 minutes ago! Let's goooo!" And no, this was not my {almost}-two year old son begging me to get out of bed to go see the animals and ride the choo choo train. Porter was still sound asleep too. This was my husband, who had already showered and was putting on his shoes at the time. So Porter and I stretched and yawned and grabbed some coffee and milk and granola bars for the ride. Although I was a bit apprehensive about starting the day without having the dishwasher unloaded and a load of laundry started, I have to say, once we got to the zoo, I understood why Dan was so anxious to get there. For starters, we were one of maybe eight families there. Not kidding. We had the zoo to ourselves. It was a gorgeous cool and overcast day, perfect weather for a pregnant mama and busy bee toddler. We rode the train and the carousel and fed the goats and the deer. We saw kangaroos, tigers, polar bears, penguins and a BABY GORILLA. Talk about adorable. We ended the trip with burgers and fries and moseyed our way home for a looong mid-day nap. It was the perfect start to the weekend. Now if I could just figure out a way to get Dan to have Fridays off every week.