essential oils // homemade tub and toilet scrub

Tub & Toilet Scrub

16 oz mason jar
Fill halfway full with baking soda
Add 10 drops Lemon essential oil
Fill the rest of the way with baking soda
Give it a good shake!

Oh but please screw lid on tightly before shaking. 
My friend learned the hard way.
Okay, fine. It was me.

This recipe kind of cracks me up because it's so simple, but I kid you not, the very first day I used this on our bathroom, Dan came home from work and asked what in the world I did to make the tub shine like that. I mean ... squint-your-eyes-shine. It's amazing. I love this tub scrub for several reasons. First, it's all natural and safe. I have no worries at all about using this to clean while pregnant and I really don't even worry about Porter accidentally getting into it. I mean, sure, I don't want the kid eating spoonfuls of baking soda. But my goodness, have you looked at the chemicals in other bathroom cleaning products? Yikes. I also love it because baking soda costs like ... nothing. I mean, does it even cost anything? Sometimes I have a coupon and end up paying like 15 cents for a big box of baking soda. AND IT WORKS. I just sprinkle this in the tub and toilet and scrub until they shine. And boy do they shine. Not to mention, the Lemon essential oil helps disinfect and makes your potty smell amazing. I dare you to give it a try sometime. Cleaning toilets has never been so fun. Seriously.

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