30 weeks

There is just something about hitting 30 weeks that makes you feel all confident. And I don't mean confident in your body, because I'm not sure if that ever really happens at 30 weeks pregnant. ;) But confident in the fact that you might just make it through this pregnancy after all. Hip Hip Hooray! I remember feeling like this when I hit 30 weeks with Porter. And then I went in for my 30 week appointment and they told me I couldn't walk my dog anymore. And I almost punched my doctor in the face. But don't worry, I wouldn't ever really punch a doctor. I bite them. But I would never punch. 

So when I went in for my 30 week appointment earlier this morning, I was praying hard that my sonographer wouldn't find a lack of fluid like she did with Porter. I was praying that my doctor would continue to let me take my evening walks with Sherm and pick up my baby boy and tote him around all day. Because the truth is, I feel pretty amazing and think this pregnancy is going exceptionally well. Feeling like everything is going great is the easy part. The hard part is getting your doctors to agree with you. :) Luckily, this time they actually agreed! 

Our 30 week appointment with baby #2 went just perfect this morning. I got to see our little nugget squirming around and although he/she wasn't very cooperative for pictures, getting to see those sweet little baby hands up by his/her face was pretty amazing. My fluid level is normal so I can continue my daily walks and baby is facing down so I'm still a VBAC candidate. This was the first ultrasound where I didn't have Porter in there with me, trying to climb all over me and poke my belly button a hundred times. And although having a crazy toddler in the ultrasound room is SO MUCH FUN (sarcasm) it was a nice change to get to actually concentrate on baby and only baby. And by the looks of his/her sweet little face and the couple of tears that rolled down my cheek as the two of us hung out today, I have a very good feeling that this little baby of ours is going to fit riiiight in.

We can't wait to meet you little one!