summer lovin'

Lately it's been too hot to take our daily walks in the stroller with Sherman. Can you tell he's devastated about this silly summer weather? I hear ya, Sherm. I'm ready for fall too. But it is what it is. And to be honest, I haven't minded the summer heat nearly as much as I used to. Even with the extra 20+ lbs I'm now carrying around. It is just so fun to watch Porter explore the great outdoors, I literally forget I'm even pregnant most of the day. We try and make it outside for several hours every morning before lunch and his afternoon nap. I only have two rules about our time out and about.

1. Wherever we go must have water. A pool or a spray park at the very least. We must be able to cool off somehow.
2. Wherever we go must have a bathroom. Or I guess a pool is good enough. Kidding! Just kidding. I never pee in the pool. But really ... when you're pregnant it's totally fine. Kidding! Just kidding. 

So here are just a few pictures of Porter at our favorite nearby park, complete with swings and slides and a splash pad. Not to mention, ducks AND a couple of potties for the pregnant mama. Life is good.
Those 19 first aid kits that we got when Porter was born have come in verrrry handy this summer.
Oh and don't you worry about the Sherm Dog. After we tuck Porter in bed each night and the summer sun goes down, Sherm and I go on a long walk, just the two of us. The stroller never runs over his paws on accident and he doesn't have to listen to Porter say "tash" every time he sees a trash can. Or a bucket. Or anything that resembles a trash can in any way, shape or form. It's a win-win for all of us. :)