essential oils // roller bottle recipes

A couple of years ago we began taking intentional steps to become more educated on what we put in and on our bodies. Babies! They'll make you start caring about your health, watch out. :) Yes, I still put a quarter in my shopping cart and pack my own groceries in order to save money at Aldi. But now I spend a few extra pennies for organic and non-processed foods. We also use oils in lieu of many over-the-counter medicines and beauty products, and have found them to work just as good, if not better, than some of the pills and creams that we had been spending gobs of money on prior to oils.

Depending on the issue that we are treating, we might grab the oil bottle and apply the oil "neat", meaning without a carrier oil. But for the most part we tend to use our oils in pre-made roller bottles, mixed with our favorite carrier oil. There are numerous types of carrier oils you can use (almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, rose hip seed oil, sesame seed oil, and sunflower seed oil). We choose to use fractionated coconut oil for all of our roller bottle recipes. And we always dilute oils with a carrier oil when using on kiddos, as their skin is much more sensitive.

We prefer the roller bottle method for many reasons. First, they are premade, thus saving us steps when we might need to use multiple oils for an application. The roller bottles are also super easy to apply, and they stretch the oils and make them last much longer, hence saving us money in the long run. Sometimes you might see it recommended to apply the oil neat depending on what you are attempting to heal, but by using a carrier oil in a roller bottle you are not diluting the effectiveness of the oil, you are just giving your oil more coverage with help of something to carry it where you want it to go. Get it? "Carrier" oil? Genius.

I buy 10 ml amber glass roller bottles from Amazon. Each 10 ml bottle will hold approximately 200 drops of oil total. Therefore, you can decide how many drops of essential oil you wish to use. You might want to start off small and gradually work your way up. For adults, I typically add around 30 drops of essential oil, then fill the rest of the roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil. For kids (2 years and up), I cut this amount in half and add approximately 15 drops of essential oil. And with little babies (birth-2 years) I chop this number once again and do only 6-7 drops of essential oil before filling the roller bottle up with coconut oil. That being said, this can vary from recipe to recipe and can also vary from person to person. You will just need to experiment a little to figure out what works best for you and your family. You can apply oils topically to feet, spine, chest or other area of concern. Having a resource guide on hand will help you determine where you might benefit most from application, as it includes vita flex charts, etc.
I also make sure to label one side of the roller bottle with "baby" or "kid" or "adult" to ensure that we don't get confused when applying. Below are just a few recipes that have worked well for our family, and most of the oils listed are included in the premium starter kit, which is pretty amazing. You can read more about using oils with babies and pregnancy over on my Oils Page. And you can also look at the resources I recommend for help and advice.

30 drops Lavender (adults)

15 drops Lavender (kids)
7 drops Lavender (babies)

Immune Boost:
20 drops Thieves + 10 drops Lemon (adults)
10 drops Thieves + 5 drops Lemon (kids)
7 drops Lemon (babies)
- adding Lemon is optional. If you are someone who is out in the sun a lot, you might opt for Thieves only, as Lemon is photosensitizing.

20 drops Lavender + 10 drops Melrose or Melaleuca (adults)
10 drops Lavender + 5 drops Melrose or Melaleuca (kids)
5 drops Lavender + 2 drops Melrose or Melaleuca (babies)
- either Melrose or Melaleuca work great, depending on which oil you have on hand. We use this roller bottle on cuts, scrapes, burns, and also apply to any rashes or skin issues that pop up.

Seasonal Discomfort:
10 drops Lavender + 10 drops Lemon + 10 drops Peppermint (adults)

6 drops Lavender + 6 drops Lemon + 3 drops Peppermint (kids)
3 drops Lavender + 3 drops Lemon (babies)

Upset Stomach:
30 drops Digize (adults)

15 drops Digize (kids)
7 drops Lavender (babies)

Cough & Congestion:
30 drops RC (adults)

15 drops RC (kids)
3 drops Lemon + 3 drops Copaiba (babies)

Purfume (adults):
50 drops Stress Away or Joy
- I adore this oil as a perfume as it keeps me smiling even when Porter and Sherman are being punks. :) I have two friends who were both on anti-depressant medication for several years. They now apply Joy to their wrists and over their hearts and diffuse once or twice a day and both are now completely free of medication. Pretty amazing.

Deodorant (adults):
For non-stinky girls:
50 drops Purification

For stinky boys:
70 drops Purification
10 drops Melaleuca (tea tree) 
- adding Melaleuca is optional; I always suggest adding some Melaleuca if you have sensitive skin and are prone to rashes and/or ingrown hairs. My deodorant is Purification only, while Dan's has the added Melaleuca, not to mention double the Purification. Boys are stinky. 

Anxiety & Stress Away (adults):
20 drops Stress Away
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Orange

Headaches & Body aches (adults):

15 drops Peppermint
15 drops Panaway

Earaches (adults):
10 drops Purification
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Melrose

more about oils over here.