essential oils // july means free

How on earth is it already July?! Oh wait. July is already halfway over?

So that officially means that I am 15 days late on this post. I blame Porter. No Sherman. Okay, I blame them both. I can do that right? But even if I'm late, I still wanted to let you know that July means free. And it really does, because of the 4th of July and fun stuff like that. Land of the free. You know? But in my books it also means that you should get oils for free. And I chose a really, really good one to share. Orange essential oil is definitely one of my favorite go-to oils. It is an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, an antiseptic and most importantly, you can add it to your smoothies and cinnamon roll icing! :) Here are a few ways you can use my friend Orange:

  - diffuse when down or a bit cranky or if you need a little pick me up
  - add it to lavender and a carrier oil to sooth kids that are wound up
  - add a couple of drops to ice water or a smoothie for a yummy treat
  - put a few drops in the garbage can or diaper pail to freshen it up
  - add a drop to raw coconut oil and rub on the gums of teething kiddos (Porter loves it!)
  - put on tile stains and wipe away after a few minutes to clean
  - add 5-10 drops to 1/4 cup Epsom salt for relaxing tub time
  - add to your Multi-Surface Cleaner to clean and disinfect
  - add 10 drops to 1/4 cup of coarse salt and rub on your cutting boards to purify
  - massage a few drops into your favorite carrier oil to help brighten complexion
  - add a drop to your toothpaste to whiten teeth and help tooth owies
  - use a few drops to cut grease or wipe off glue

For those still wanting to get started with essential oils, I will be gifting you a bottle of Orange essential oil, which just happens to be one of my favorite summery oils. PLUS you will receive $10 off your choice of premium kit. These starter kits were recently revamped and are even better now. So you're basically getting $25 worth of free stuff in celebration of that. And because sometimes it helps if you can tell your significant other, "but honey, I'm getting stuff for free!" :) This little promo will run through August 14th. To get a free bottle of Orange oil plus $10 off, simply go here, sign up as a "member" and select the premium starter kit of your choice.

So let's see, how should I end this post ...
Oh yeah.

more about oils over here.