around our home // master bedroom

If you recall, our master bedroom used to be dark blue with dark brown curtains. It was just ... well ... a little dark. I have been wanting to brighten and lighten it up for about five years now. But painting a room and buying new curtains was just not a top priority. Not to mention, there were about 923 other house projects that Dan and I wanted to complete before working on our bedroom. But since the baby will be here in just a few months, and the new babe will be sharing this room with us for at least the first couple of months ... we decided it was time for a little bedroom pick-me-up. I got a good three coats of white on (never again will I paint a room a dark color!) before my pregnant body said "No Way Jose, you're not doing another coat" so Dan finished up with one final coat to cover up that silly dark blue. I've been busy donating things we don't need and simplifying this room as much as possible, as having a newborn no doubt will bring enough "non-simplification" as it is. :) The itty bitty clothes have been washed and folded and the pacifiers have been brought out from storage. We just need to set up the bassinet and we'll be in business for October. Eek!
Dan is still trying to get used to all the white (he has a harder time with change than I do). But this room is officially my new favorite hangout. And Porter's favorite too. He has been pretty proud of himself finding (and hiding) all of my baby books and his future sibling's pacifiers. Typically he hides the pacifiers under the bed and the books behind the curtains. And then laughs hysterically. Oh the things that keep these toddlers entertained.
Just don't interrupt him
when he's trying to read ...
Or you'll get the stink eye.