big boy room, coming soon

Oh this little old house. If you came over for dinner one evening, no doubt you would probably hear Dan and I discussing where to put the new baby. And where to move Porter's crib. And omigosh, where is Sherman going to sleep?! (And I'm totally kidding about Sherman, he has more beds than all of us combined.) Our house hasn't gotten any bigger since we bought it back in 2007. Better? Yes. Much better. But definitely not bigger. So with our growing family, you would think this "starter-home" of ours would be the first to go. But we're just not there yet. Although we definitely talk about our options, neither one of us wants to give it up quite yet. Now that we've fixed up the third (and final) bedroom, we've been going back and forth on what we should do with it. Keep it as an office? Put the new babe in this room? Make this Porter's big boy room? I think we made a decision. But first ... let's take a look at what this room looked like back in 2007 ...
And then a couple of months ago
So now ...
we've decided to make this little room a big boy room for Porter.
And his current room will stay a nursery for his little brother or sister.
Two days ago I asked P if he wanted this new room to be his new room. He immediately walked back to his current room and I thought "oh no, he's sad about moving rooms and is going to his current room to hide and throw a fit and cry all day." Because you know, I'm pregnant and dramatic and that's how my mind works these days. Five seconds later he walked back out with a huge grin on his face, dragging a blanket and holding a few of his favorite trucks. He dropped his precious cargo down on the floor of his new room and that was that. He's been hanging out in there ever since. So now for the fun part of moving furniture and making this room just right for our very special soon-to-be big brother! 
And yes, we'll be sure to get him a bed too. :)