because I just couldn't narrow it down

Have you ever had one of those days where you took 106 pictures and loved every single one of them? Nope, me neither. It just doesn't happen. Typically I take 206 pictures and end up with a whopping four that are "so-so." Remember, I never did pay attention in that little photography class I took. My entire strategy for photography is to "take lots and lots of photos." Seriously. That's it. You'll get a good one if you take 400 pictures of the same thing. Works like a charm. Well, works like a charm if you don't mind taking 400 pictures a day. If you mind, you had better pay attention in class.

But a couple of days ago something crazy happened. I took 106 pictures of Porter running through our sprinkler in the backyard. And I looked at each and every picture and deleted a whopping two of them. I just couldn't narrow it down. This has nothing to do with good photography skills, because I don't have any of those. It has everything to do with the fact that little kids running through sprinkles are just plain adorable.

The good news is ... I'm not going to make you look at 104 pictures.
But you do have to look at 18 of them.
Ok, fine.