26 weeks

Nesting like crazy.
Loving all things honey (hmmm, sound familiar?).
Oh and soft pretzels too. So I'm thinking it's another boy! 
But we still don't know the gender. And it's driving me crazy.
Worried about Porter. Worried about how I'll take care of two three.
Sherman will be fine. He's been through this before. :)
Obsessed with tv.
And sitting on the couch.
And just sitting down anywhere. Zzzzz.
Feeling every single movement all day long. And night too.
Learning to let go of things.
Learning to appreciate the small things.
Loving watermelon and ice cream.
Thinking about natural childbirth. 
Oh but just kidding.
Not thinking about natural childbirth at all.
Happy about my placenta moving out of the way. Yippee!
Okay, fine. Super emotional.
Worried about the newborn stage.
Excited about the newborn stage.
Worried and excited about everything. 
Ready for a new adventure.

Cheers to you, 26!
Glucose test, here we come! :)